Carlos de Castro Design is Selling as a Trophy in Boracay

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - JANUARY 1, 2024 –- Today, living a lifestyle is a privilege, Noubikko said. What business executives' bosses demand is a lifestyle that is presented as a reward for their activities and interests that describe how they spend their accumulated wealth. It is their newfound way of life with discriminating tastes for the achiever. Yes, they want a trophy!

Carlos de Castro Design is Selling as a Trophy in Boracay
WHISPER is a feat of the discerning eye for a luxury residence that can compete in the villas of Canary Islands, and the beach areas in the south of France.

So, reward them.  Something they have to have one which makes them belong. Something very special but not vulgar.  The word is subtle but loud enough to make a statement. That is why it is called “WHISPER”.

WHISPER is an architectural genius.  It is a landmark that defines your position in the society.   Your version of Luxury with a taste of individuality. And it should be created by the landmark maker, Carlos de Castro.

Carlos de Castro is the toast of Asia’s Iconic landscape from Singapore, Hongkong, and the Philippines.  In the high-end luxury living, he said this should have an eye far-fetched than any other project I have planned. It goes beyond any of mind simulations.

WHISPER  is an 
urbanism vision that positively responds to biodiversity ensuring arts to glow harmonously.  It is finding the connective threads of creative style through the immersive ethos that is woven through every aspect to resonate luxury.

"While the obvious is in the framework of Carlos”, Noubikko said the company approach is generally dominance of all natural materials and renewable energies and glazed with the
luxury brand from Christian Lacroix, Gucci, and Hermes furnishings or whatever that suits the individuality of the owner.

The world of luxury has its own evolution and the era of new billionaires has created its own interpretation of what are things in their finest form. 

"It is the new rich who are driving growth in the luxury market".  Celebrities from Las Vegas who don the unveiling of the project personify their values.  And, Carlos blurs the line between modern and “distinctive’ like a paradigm that is enough to make a statement.   

Whisper is on the wrap for 2024. Hails “one-of-a-kind” the haute feeling that does not require advanced sensing and reasoning.  It is an architecture designed to be exemplified! Unmistakeable.  And arresting! 

By Tomas Kauer.