Product Innovations Announced at Domopalooza 2024

At Domopalooza 2024, we announced product updates tailored to customer feedback and unveiled a few innovations that maximize what AI and your data can do. The post Product Innovations Announced at Domopalooza 2024 first appeared on Blog.

Product Innovations Announced at Domopalooza 2024

We listened and we heard you.  

That’s the message we wanted our community to hear behind all the dazzle and fun of Domopalooza 2024. 

All year long, we gather feedback from our customers. What’s working well for them? What needs improvement? What changes should we prioritize to enhace their lives, streamline processes, or simplify tasks?  

Then, at Domopalooza 2024, we unveiled a suite of updates that we call “quality of life improvements,” specifically deisgned based on the community’s feedback.  

Of course, it wouldn’t be Domopalooza if we didn’t unveil a few groundbreaking innovations that no one else is building—and push the boundaries of what AI and your data can achieve.  

Check out all the announcements made at Domopalooza 2024 below. We can’t wait to hear what you think.  


Data + Magic ETL = Where data transformation becomes a breeze  

Magic ETL has always been your go-to solution for turning chaotic data into clear insights. (Reminder: Magic ETL is Domo’s drag-and-drop and SQL-powered ETL solution.) Our latest enhancements aren’t just about transformation anymore—they’re about getting you insights quicker and with less fuss.  

At Domopalooza 2024, we shared several improvements to Magic ETL. These included upgrading the Join Data experience to include a freeform “ON” expression and adding a new DataFlow Sharing Modal that allows you to easily share your DataFlows with just a few clicks. Imagine cleaning, integrating, and preparing your data without the headaches. That’s the magic we’re bringing to your fingertips. 

Read more about the Magic ETL updates, and contact your customer success manager (CSM) to learn more.  


Data + Cloud Amplifier = Scaling your data ambitions  

Cloud Ampifier is Domo’s native cross-cloud data integration solution. It’s here to ensure your infrastructure never bottlenecks your data’s growth. Put simply? It’s like giving your data wings, allowing it to easily scale with your aspirations. This feature is your ally in the quest for expansive data management, designed to fit perfectly into your existing ecosystem. 

At Domopalooza, we announced new Cloud Amplifier capabilities, including: 

  • Cloud Amplifier + Google BigQuery: OAuth is now available, in addition to the existing capability to read and write data back to BigQuery. (available now) 
  • Cloud Amplifier Configurable Data Freshness Checks: Choose how frequently Domo communicates with your Cloud to pull the most up-to-date data. (available now) 
  • Cloud Amplifier + Dremio: In addition to the ability to read data, users can now write data back to Dremio. (currently in beta) 
  • Cloud Amplifier + Snowflake: The combined power of Domo Cloud Amplifier + Magic ETL with processing pushed down to Snowflake is now available. (currently in beta) 

Read more about the Cloud Amplifier updates. 


Data + Magic ETL + Cloud Amplifier with Snowflake = A no-compromises experience 

We’ve stirred up something special with Magic ETL + Cloud Amplifier, the latter of which is now integrated with Snowflake. This combo will revolutionize how you access and integrate data across multiple clouds. Imagine a world where your data’s location doesn’t hinder its potential. 

Cloud Amplifier acts as the bridge, enabling you to tap into every data source’s full potential without the hassle of moving data around. Starting with Snowflake, we enable intelligent, governable transformations directly at the data source, ensuring your data works smarter, not harder. Welcome to a new level of efficiency and respect for your data foundation. 

Read more about Magic ETL + Cloud Amplifier with Snowflake.  


Data + App Studio = Unleash your inner developer  

Ever thought you needed a developer to bring your app dreams to life? Well, think again. App Studio empowers everyone, from marketers to HR managers, to create custom applications that address your unique business needs. It’s about putting the power of innovation in your hands, no coding required. 

Read more about the App Studio updates. 


Data + AI Model Management = Your AI, your rules  

Navigating the world of AI just got a whole lot easier. Our AI Model Management isn’t just about harnessing the power of AI—it’s about making it work for your specific needs. Tailor, tweak, and trust your AI to deliver the insights you want to make those pivotal business decisions.

Read more about Domo.AI Model Management updates.  


Data + Domo.AI Chat = Conversations that lead to insights  

Meet your new data analyst, available 24/7 and never takes a coffee break. Domo.AI Chat allows you to engage with your data in the most natural way possible—through conversation. It’s about making data accessible to everyone, transforming queries into valuable insights through the simplicity of dialogue.

Read more about Domo.AI Chat. 


Data + Domo Everywhere = Sharing insights, expanding horizons 

When you share your data, you amplify its value. Our enhancements to Domo Everywhere, our embedded analytics solution, are all about breaking down barriers so you can collaborate on data insights beyond the confines of your organization. It’s not just about easily accessing data butabout making its impact universal. 

Read more about Domo Everywhere enhancements. 


Data + ResponsibleGPT App = Ethical AI at your service  

Jumping into new technology can be like stepping through a doorway into the unknown. Sometimes, you find a treasure; other times, it’s a bit of a puzzle. ChatGPT and the world of generative AI have been just like that—super helpful, but you’ve also heard the horror stories of companies’ information getting leaked. 

That’s exactly why we’re excited about the ResponsibleGPT App, launched this year at Domopalooza. It’s just like using ChatGPT, but it uses the Domo AI Service Layer. The app stores information on all your chats in Domo and makes it available for review—providing additional transparency and security into what AI is doing with your data. 

With ResponsibleGPT, you get the best of both worlds: you can use AI to tackle your daily tasks, and your company’s data stays safe.  

A quick clarifying note: ResponsibleGPT is not about having a conversation with your Domo data or asking your data questions (that’s Domo.AI Chat!). Rather, this app is designed for using ChatGPT for small daily tasks and assistance. 

Read more about the ResponsibleGPT App. 


We want to hear from you!

As we wrap up Domopalooza 2024, it’s clear that the future of data won’t be simply about managing or analyzing data. The future will be truly understanding and utilizing data in once unimaginable ways. With these new features, Domo is not only keeping pace with the future, but we’re also helping to shape it. 

We want to hear how these new releases work for you and your team. Share your feedback on Domo’s Ideas Exchange network. We keep a close eye on this channel and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  

Read and share feedback on our latest releases.   

The post Product Innovations Announced at Domopalooza 2024 first appeared on Blog.