HYMM Invited to Listen to Korean Company

DATAM is promoting the eco-friendly public transportation conversion project with the approval of the national project from the Laos government in January 2019. DATAM is also promoting the eco-friendly smart public transportation BRT system construction project which was concluded in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

HYMM Invited to Listen to Korean Company
Malcolm Yeow, CFO DATAM Korea, (far right) discusses the benefits of DATAM to the Media in this DATAM Inc. and HYMM Press Conference at the Luxent Hotel headed by James Lee, CEO of Datam Korea Ltd and Malcolm Yeow, CFO of DATAM Korea

October 3, 2022 – Manila, Philippines – - 

DATAM Technology has been making waves.  It has been active in Vietnam and Laos.  Now, it is the Philippines.  Since its introduction in the Motor Industry, the interest of consumers had skyrocketed and caught the attention of several businessmen, especially Filipino youth entrepreneurs sectors.  With the increasing fuel cost, its demand is no longer an option but a necessity.

DATAM Technology is essential for saving fuel It is because, when it's running, its unique chip will regulate the electrical power output and is very efficient. And when braking, its patented chip will regulate the regenerative braking more optimally. That is the technology that will revolutionize the industry according to  James Lee, CEO of Datam Korea Ltd.

Well attended DATAM Inc. Press Conference with the presence of the Executives of DATAM, Inc. HYMM,  RPConnect Corp, and Presidents of different transportation cooperation from Benguet Province all the way to Davao City.

DATAM promotes a national joint project to achieve the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) by combining the Proof of Carbon Reduction (PCR) technology with sustainable domestic and foreign green technology.  It is intended to share technology with underdeveloped countries and developing countries.

Improving the quality of human life by reducing fossil energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are the goals and missions of DATAM, that all of us should embrace, Noubikko said, CEO of RPConnect.  All of these, he added it is established to contribute in response to the POST-2020 new climate system program

DATAM is a member of the Climate Chain Coalition (CCC).